‘At Last’ my little bag is finished……. hooray!

I am in string bag heaven! Just finished the little denim number and I am looking forward to taking it out for a jolly jaunt tomorrow. I couldn’t resist tying a white rose onto the handle with some navy lace. I am celebrating with some Glen Miller on the record player. I have started another in chalky pink! This could develop into an obsession.
One of my favourite tracks ‘At Last’ blissful listening……
Happy crocheting.


Roses to reduce stress levels…….

I made a decision that tonight should be dedicated to crochet and have made two flared roses using Debbie Bliss, ‘Andes’, alpaca and mulberry silk blend. A purple and a grey. Stress free and relaxing to make…… The doily with the little pansies was another charity shop find. DSCF1154
The pale rose is made of bamboo yarn.
As for the collar I have a devised a plan!!
1) Work at the table so that the pattern is easy to follow. (NOT slumped on the sofa!)
2) Concentrate. (DO NOT attempt to watch the television at the same time!)
3) Writing the pattern rows out to gain familiarity with the pattern and make it easier to read at a glance with colour coding for repeated stitches.
This morning I did one complete section of the pattern without a mistake! Only 156 more rows to go……

Knitted to distraction

I thought that it would be a good idea tonight to tackle the lace collar that has been driving me to distraction. It is a lovely Debbie Bliss pattern in Rialto Lace, however, I am still struggling to keep the correct number of stitches and to select the correct needle size for the tension to be correct. The recommended size is UK 8, I have tried a UK 12 and it looks neat and closer to the required size, until I made the dreaded mistake, too many stitches!!!! At this stage I got a different colour and decided to go up in needle size to a UK 9. So far I have only got to row 5, I have to count the number of stitches each time, as somehow, from somewhere, they just seem to increase …… I am determined to master this pattern, but maybe not tonight!
On a lighter note the kitchen table is less chaotic as the hill of woollen offcuts has been bagged and the balls of yarn returned to the stash on the top of the stairs…Goodnight all.

Hand in Glove

Today I was doing my customary Wednesday charity shop search for the odd, interesting and quirky little find. Last week, it was a 99 pence boxed set of Glen Miller Records. I was elated with my find.
This week was a glove day……. I discovered two pairs of hand crocheted evening gloves. Delightfully worn with age, beautifully crocheted, with attention to detail and just the thing for a girl to wear to a forties dance…… What is the story they could tell. I wonder who has worn them? Who’s hand has held them or been held by them? Who made them and for what event? I will never know but they will continue their journey as part of the story of my life……DSCF0734DSCF0727

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